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Uniform Professionals

2734 State Route 26
Cincinnatus, NY 13040
607-863-4128 warehouse@uniformpro.com


Facility logo's and personalizations are now available for purchase at checkout. Once you have added items to cart you will be able to select embroidery for each item. After selecting embroidery you can select a facility logo, personalization or both.
*There are no returns on embroidered items, so please make sure your spelling and options are correct

MMC (blk)

MMC (wht)

MMP Black or White


BBCH (wht)

FMH (blk)

FMH (wht)

Wellspan Health

Wellspan Gettysburg

Wellspan Good Samaritan

Wellspan Chambersburg

Wellspan York

Wellspan Ephrata

Wellspan Philhaven

Wellspan Medical Group

Wellspan Rehabilitation

Cape Regional Medical Center (Cape Medical Center)

Cape Regional Health System (Cape Health Sys)

Waynesboro Hospital


GVH (wht)


Samaritan Health White

Samaritan Health Black

Samaritan Summit Village White

Samaritan Summit Village Black

Milford Regional Teal

Milford Regional Black

Milford Physicians Teal

Milford Physicians Black

WHS wine

WHS black

WHS grey

WHS white

Seven Valley Blue

Seven Valley White

The Health Center Blk

The Health Center Wht

Beebe Healthcare

Rome Health